4mm. Etched Brass Coach Sides with Ends, separate Bolections, Hinges and Droplights.

GWR K36Toplight Full Brake.  Ex Ambulance Stock, Panelled Sides.   £24.95p

GWR G55 Toplight Saloon.      Steel sided Toplight      £’24.95p

GWR E82 57ft Brake Comp      Panelled Wood Toplight Brake Comp.    £24.95p

GWR  K19  57ft Full Brake.           Steel Sided Tbplight Full Brake.     £24.95

GWR  D56 RH or LH Version      Steel Toplight Brake Third,    £24.95p

GWR D45 Brake Third           Toplight Brake Third                  £24.95p

Add £2.00 p&p to your order. Cheques to Frogmore Confederacy.

GWR Bullion Van Complete Kit.. ...      £32.50

 GWR 16ton AA3 Toad Brake Van kit (Super Detailed)  .   £9.95

GWR AA3 Road Van         £20.95

GWR AA13 20ton Toad Brake Van       £2.95  

Add32.50 p&p to your order. Cheques to Frogmore Confederacy.

Etched Brass Super Detailing Accessories for Coaches.

Roof Tank Cover & Destination Board Brackets............. £1.95

4 Dean brass Coach Buffers & Backplates       £1.95

Dean Lamp Irons (for 4 coaches)  £1.95

Churchward Lasmp Irons (for 4 coaches) £.95

2V" Hangers (6 pairs-centre cranks)  £2.45

Emergency Brake Rodding (for GWR coaches Churchward onwards) £2.95

Dean Emergency Brake Rodding  £2.95

Single Arc Roof Coach Ends (Dean with Details) £5.95

Dean Vacuum Brake Cylinders Etched 1 set  £1.95

Dean Vacuum Brake Centre Cranks 3 sets  £1.95

Coach window curtains etched brass (16prs)  £3.95

Steps for GWR American Bogies Set of 4        £1.95

Steps for GWR Pressed Steel Bogies set of 16   £1.95

GWR Battery Boxes (C/ward & Collett pie 1936) 4large 2 small. £3.95

GWR Battery Boxes (Later Version) 4 large 2 small  £3.95

Single Steps (Long brackets for Brown Vehicles, Auto Coach £1.95

Door Hinges for 72 doors  £1.95

Single Arc Roof ends for Metro Coach..  £5.95

Coach Grab Handles for Coaches & Vans 4.5,6,7 & 10mm long £2.95

Coach Grab Handles for Coaches & Vans 3 & 8mm long £2.95

Replacement step boards in brass for Ratio Brake Vans £2.95

Please add £1 an order for small items.  For larger items as listed above just include the higher postage cost to cover all.  Available direct from:

 The Frogmore Confederacy, The White House,  Mill Lane, Frogmore, Kingsbridge, Devon. TQ7 2NZ

Tel 01548 531451 Website www. ukmodelshops.co.uk

Bullion Van